New App Registration Flow


We are working on improving application creation and management. We are experimenting with new requirements, including rate limits and requiring developers to have a registered phone number on their Twitter account.

If you’re unfortunately unable to meet these requirements, please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you with your application registration.

We would like to hear you thoughts about this new process and your comments about the new

Mobile number record for existing applications

I’m not sure I can see the difference between this and, other than design, at least for existing apps. Can you summarize the functional changes? It would make it easier to provide feedback.

I am, however, very intrigued by the mention of “including rate limits”. That is the bread and butter for app devs. An increase can change our entire code architecture, and a decrease can kill entire products, as we’ve seen before. Could you possibly provide details on the new rate limits? One of my major tasks is advising people on code architecture and feature feasibility based on these limits.

If you want any advice, the /followers/ids and /friends/ids limits are WAY too low as of 1.1.


The rate limit here is specifically around app creation. Any modifications of API rate limits will be communicated with sufficient advance notice. And to be extra-super-clear, we are not planning on adding new limitations for developers, quite the opposite. We plan to offer more access, more data and more APIs for developers in 2014.

I will let @episod chime in the difference between the old and the new, but basically we are putting in place better building blocks and rebuilding some of the underlying infrastructure to enable more development on in the future.


Hi everyone,

There really are very few differences in versus the old app management at – primarily, we’ve removed outdated configuration options (such as @Anywhere domain config) and better organized the various tasks associated with app management. The biggest change to get used to is that you may be signed in to a different account on than you are on

You’ll see us continuing to iterate and improve on application management and over the next several months.

For those unaware, I’m now focused full-time on improving our developer portal, documentation, and tooling.

Twitter’s developer & platform relations team has grown much in recent months and I’m very excited to be working with them on improving the experience for all developers on the platform.


please try to help me instead

spending hours and hours in your really bad documentation without any result for how to just request token via any method without result!!!



All my apps have stopped working since Fri 7th Feb around 8pm GMT any pointers to what’s changed ?


I too am having some serious problems with just getting an OAuth token.


same here, my application using OAuth stopped working and it is amazing how nobody from Twitter hasn’t paid attention to this issue or at least post the reason why this is happening.


This thread isn’t really about OAuth…

There are lots of reasons OAuth can fail – usually due to small errors or environment changes (like a system clock that’s fallen behind). It’s likely unrelated to the app registration changes primarily discussed in this thread.

Take a look at [node:204] for an exploration of common reasons OAuth 1.0A requests fail. Verify that you’re using SSL for all requests and using an up-to-date and spec compliant library.


Why do you need the mobile phone number?

I’ve just tried to create a app it asked for this nd then still says mobile phone number required even after authentication success!


Please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you with your application registration.


My code was working fine until last weekend. something changed on Twitter’s side. If something changed then they should have notified then anybody would do the adjustments in the code.

Trying to figure out what changed and what to adjust in the code will take more time if twitter can just post their changes during last week, which actually did because some images in profiles are not even displayed properly.

I am not the one with a problem since last week, I can see that there are more users with that. If twitter needs help to write these changes I could to help.

Your link is referring to 2 years ago posts .

Thank you.


Hello, Could you indicate where precisely we are expected to enter our phone number, I looked in the Twitter Profile and the App settings but could not find a field for this? Thanks, Dominique


For further info on how to add a phone number to your account please see the following help page:


Hi, I can’t save Callback URL on the form.
I can only save Callback URL if I create new app but can’t update it.


By changing setting(the application name, etc.), Permissions be changed to (r + w) from (r + w + dm)


Looks like the page is down for me. Curl -I shows a 500 server error.


This was due to a temporary outage last night; are you still having the same issue?


I’ll look into this, thanks for the report.


Hi, i couldn’t enter my Phone no. for verification since Twitter doesn’t support my mobile carrier. Considering India, Twitter is supporting only for 3 Mobile Carrier. Either you need to extend your supported carrier or you should give us some way to create apps. Pl look into it. Looking for your response!