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Hi everybody

I’ve got a question about the new app-level limits.
the doc states the following.

  • On September 10th, 2018 , we will be adding new default app-level rate limits that will apply to all requests to create Tweets, Retweets, likes, follows, or Direct Messages. This change represents a significant decrease in the existing rate of POST activity allowed from a single app by default. Any policy-compliant developer can maintain existing levels of access or gain elevated access through a new request process.
  • The new default limits for each endpoint are outlined below and will apply in addition to existing user-level rate limits for these actions. By default, an app (across all of its users) will be limited to:- Tweets & Retweets (combined): 300 per 3 hours
  • Likes: 1000 per 24 hours
  • Follows: 1000 per 24 hours
  • Direct Messages: 15,000 per 24 hour

So the way i read it is that the whole application can only allow 1000 follows per day. So if i had 500 registered users they would each only be allowed 2 follows per day ? Or do the current user auth limits still apply?

Thanks in advance


Your reading is correct. You can apply to use the existing user limits as an elevation per our announcement.


I also have an app with about 600,000 registered users.
It would exceeds the default limit.
How can I apply the existing user limits to my app?
It is automatically applied, or some actions needed such as sending request via form somewhere?
In fact, I already sent a request via support form a month ago, but received no response.
How can I confirm my app is applied of the exisisting user limits or not?



Check your accounts registered email address see if your got an email about applying for the new limits.

You need to

  • Register for a developer app at the new interface

Once approved


Thank you for telling, and I found the option for applying for elevated post access. It wasn’t appeared in Japanese language version of the form, a month ago :slight_smile:


Here are some details for you related to the POST rate limit changes:


Hi guys

Where do these changes leave developers that have had their applications denied? Is there any way to get feedback or be able to amend our applications to comply?

The reason I ask is my best friend has had his application denied it was an existing application that was from 2013 and to the best of our knowledge meets the criteria listed on the developer site and doesn’t break any of the rules and regulations. However the application was denied and now he can’t access his website via the apps page anymore. Does this mean it will be deleted in time? I would appreciate some help if you can as this has a human aspect as well some people rely on this income to survive and keep a roof above their heads and food on the table.

Many thanks guys


Applying for POST rate limit elevations requires a developer account. Also, there is currently no way to reapply for a developer account after a rejection.

Your friend will be able to manage their apps via for the foreseeable future. We have more information on that here. You can also read more about Twitter apps here.

Please stay tuned as we will be releasing product improvements related to this situation in the future.


Ok appreciate your time and reply i will get him to monitor the mentioned post. Thanks


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