New access tokens not working


I’m trying to merge to the new API version and everything was going well until I tested authenticating new users. While merging, I was using access tokens for my person account that I obtained over 5 months ago and those tokens are working great with the new API version. So to test authenticating new users, I tried to obtain new access tokens for my personal account. My program appears to complete the OAuth flow successfully as I get new tokens in the oauth/access_token response, but when I try to use those tokens I get a “(401) Unauthorized” response. When I switch back to the tokens I obtained 5 months ago, everything works again.

I have tried to include the oauth_verifier in both the header and/or in the url of the oauth/access_token method as I’ve seen a lot of discussion about that variable. But like I said, I am successfully obtaining new tokens from oauth/access_token, it’s when I use those new tokens that I get the unauthorized response.