Network Reporting API - Steps


I have to dump data from Ad Source Breakdown table.
Which API I have to use to get data from table (fields like: Impressions, Clicks, Revenue, etc…)

I checked following page:
There is an example

Sample Request:,appid,adunitid,country

I used my credentials according to this example and as response was:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Could you please help me to understand/ to find the right information from what to start.


Hi @GregGuman,

Thanks for reaching out! Usage of the Network Reporting API is available for certified MoPub Network Mediation program partners only. If you are a part of our Network Mediation program, please feel free to reach out to your MoPub contacts directly for more assistance.

If you are a publisher, I’d recommend enabling the Publisher Reporting API via the Reports tab and referring to this documentation for more information.