Need to update our application for Account Activity API


When we submitted our application to get access to the Account Activity API beta, we missed adding in some information that the instructions said we needed to include in the “overview” section. Is there a way to update our application submission?


Hi @h_scottsmith - what was the handle you applied for access using? Perhaps we can help you modify it if you include the details you omitted.


Hi @KyleW
It was for the handle “@Primal

  • We forgot to clearly state that we need access to the “Account Activity API beta”
  • We didn’t include the app ID of the apps we plan to use. These are:
    Primal Ant (CI) - ID: 4111462
    Primal Ant (QA) - ID: 4111494
    Primal for Twitter - ID: 7151065



Thanks @h_scottsmith - We were able to approve the developer account and provision access to “Primal for Twitter”. We are currently only provisioning access to a single Client Application during the beta period of the Account Activity API.

Your dev environment name is: env-beta

Let us know if you have questions.


Thanks. We’ll get started with that access.

When does the beta period end? We’re currently using the user stream, which will end of life in June, so just wondering how soon before it deprecates the beta period for the new API will be over.


Glad to hear you are all set.

We are working to launch the generally available version of the Account Activity API soon. We don’t have specific updates on that timing yet.

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