Need to send direct messages



I want to send direct messages from my app.Currently limit specified by twitter for 'Direct Messages: 250 per day.'Can i overcome this limit,if yes then how can i do it


Each Twitter user currently has that daily limit for sending DMs. The limits are really meant with user-to-user communication in mind and doesn’t work well for application-to-user messaging. It’s best to consider other forms of app-to-user communication like e-mail or tweets between followed users instead.


I have a app that will be registered with twitter. The app is going to send the tweets to the users on top of emails. As a app we will need to send few thousands of messages to number of users who follow the app. Please let me know how to go about it.

Do we have some kind of whitelisting feature for apps that can send thousands of messages?


There’s no increases available for bulk DMs like this. If you want to send DMs to all the users following your application, you’ll need to do it piecemeal, with 250 DMs per day. You’ll also need to vary the content in each DM, as there is duplicate prevention at work that disallows sending the same message to many recipients.


Please tell me how to send DMs to users. I am developing an app in which we have to send message to the followers. Kindly tell me about api call.


You want [node:83]. You can browse all the REST API methods at [alias:/docs/api, title=“”].


Could we know exact numbers how many recipients we can send same message to? Is it only a inner policy?
We are also planning to send DM from our branches to our customers. Kind of many to many situation.
Could be any more limit we don’t know except 250 limit like above? Or any possibilities of violation of any terms of rules? I’ve read the rules and thought twitter is concerned about sending bulk messages from many accounts though that account would be our branches. Thanks.


I would like to second this request. If we’re reaching out to clients how many DMs can we send with a similar message before they get clipped? We’d like to send out a survey request for all users who have interacted with customer support.


You want POST direct_messages/new. You can browse all the REST API methods at


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