Need to reapply : markup didn't validate, but validator tool says it does!


Hi there,

I have added the twitter product card markup to all our product pages, this validates (e.g. and I used a product like this to apply for validation. However I received an email saying that the URL we supplied didn’t validate.

I have tried to re-apply using the validator tool, however the field marked “Website Twitter Username” is blank and locked, i’m guessing this should be filled in from the card data, however this all appears to validate correctly so i’m not sure what to do!

Just to confirm as per the main thread:

  1. Make sure you reviewed the documentation - Twitter Cards


  1. Once the markup is implemented on your pages, test it with the preview tool -


  1. When your code is known to work, apply to be whitelisted - It can take 5 to 10 days to be reviewed (and approved if your implementation is technically correct). Add another 5 to 10 days more for player cards.


  1. Then, post a link here to a specific tweet where Twitter Cards should work.

As above -

Many thanks!



Thanks for the feedback. We just pushed out a fix to the error that was preventing the input URL field from working. Please re-submit via the Validator Tool, and let us know if you have any additional issues.


Awesome, thanks! Have re-submitted already :slight_smile: