Need to know how to fire custom pixels and signup pixels using Universal Website Tag


We are using UWT for conversion tracking, but unable to fire other events since there is no documentation
I can find documentation only for purchase event, can someone please provide documentation about how to fire other events as well

Example script found in documentation

// Insert Twitter Pixel ID and Standard Event data below
twq(‘track’,‘Purchase’, {
//required parameters
value: ‘29.95’,
currency: ‘USD’,
num_items: ‘3’,
//optional parameters
content_ids: [‘sku-1234’,‘sku-5678’,‘sku-ABC’],
content_type: ‘product’,
content_name: ‘Content name’,
order_id: ‘ORDER-676546-B’


Due to a roadmap change, we are actively supporting “PageView” and “Purchase” tag types. But this does not mean that you can’t still track sign ups or custom events. If you execute the PageView tag on the page and then in the Ads UI set the conversion event type to “Sign up” and URL contains: The reporting metrics will then show attributed sign ups from the tracking of the created Sign Up conversion event.

Hope this helps!

Firing custom conversion events