Need to check if User tweet / like / retweet post successfully using JS intent?



I need to check a user if he performed the Twitter Share ( Tweet / Like / Retweet) using Twitter Intent Button.

Example: User finishes Share and pressed “Close” button in dialouge box. Here I need to trigger a custom function. e.g. After Tweet / After Close

Or Using Twitter API, How can I check a user tweeted on my timeline?


An event is fired by Twitter’s widgets JavaScript on interaction with the web intent link, not after completion.


ThankYou @niall for the clarification regarding Twitter JS intent limitations.
It’s clear that I can’t trigger event after Tweet completion using intent. Fine!

As an alternative, do twitter provide any API method to check the user tweeted / shared the content? any custom method in your mind?



There’s no convenience method for this, you’d need to check via the REST API.


Any REST API method recommendation? to check user posted from my site on twitter?


You’d probably want to use the Search (or Streaming) APIs to find links to your site.

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