Need to change my card type


I need to change My Approved Twitter Card type from a Summary to a Player (Video) card, and I can not erase my original card
My site: has a summary large image Twitter card and after I realized I would rather have a Player Twitter card because I want to embed Video.
If you could cancel my other card so I can start over that would be great.


Hi! I’ve changed the topic name here to be more useful.

You should not need to have a card “cancelled” or deleted as this is done via meta tags in your site. Are you having issues with the Cards validator?


Yes, when I first created the card, it worked fine and created a summary large image twitter card.
I do not want that to be what is show when I use a twitter card.
I want it to be a player card.
There is no where I can see where I can change this.
The validator will not let me to change this.
How do I get this to change?


You need to modify the meta tags on your page to specify a Player card, and re-apply for whitelisting via the Validator.

Also, there is a cached version of the existing card associated with your URL (see Cards Troubleshooting) so you may have to wait a few days for that to expire before a new card is visible. The Troubleshooting doc has some suggested ways to work around that using e.g. URL shorteners.


I need help trying to change my card type from “Summary Card with Large Image” to just a "Summary Card"
What do i need to do??


All you need to do is update your Twitter Cards tags to the new type, and submit one sample URL for approval so that this new type of Cards gets enabled for your entire domain.


and how exactly do i do that


Edit the meta tags in your page from summary large image to summary, and then submit your URL through the cards validator.


So basically once I get a card type approved I cannot change a card type. As in: it will not be validated, nor whitelisted. Some people say it will take a few days for twitter to clear their cache (like a temporary memory) and then the I’ll be able to aprove a new twitter card type.

the error I’m getting is really not communicating that. Dear twitter stuff, plese change the error after changing the app type in websites meta tags. Current one is:
WARN: Not whitelisted
ERROR: Required meta tag missing (twitter:app:swift:name)

for domain


We’ve determined that this occurs when twitter:app:id:xxx is specified incorrectly or refers to an app that is not available in the relevant app store. Try fixing this in your page and re-validating.