Need some clarification on Developer Rules to address our lawyers' concerns


My organization’s lawyers read terms very literally and their reading of the developer rules pretty much excludes us from being able to create any kind of web app that would display even a single tweet. There are a couple parts of the terms that I would like some clarification on:

4.A: “You will not attempt to” … “redistribute” … “Twitter Content to any third party without prior written approval”.

Obviously the terms say a lot more and I understand the limitations with respect to not duplicating the Twitter API, etc. Where the problem comes in is the use of the term “redistribute” and “Twitter Content”. To our lawyers, this sounds like we cannot display tweets on a web site, because as part of displaying the tweets we are “redistributing” them to the user (a third party). I’m trying to understand what the disconnect is between our lawyers’ interpretation, which honestly seems reasonable, and the activity of displaying tweets that clearly almost every developer does and apparently is allowed.

Does “redistribute” != “display”? Is there anywhere in the terms where this is clearly spelled out? Am I missing something else?

4.A bullet #2: “Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted.”

I’m pretty I understand what this is supposed to mean: you can’t make available an alternate store of tweets to a third party without permission. That makes total sense.

However, our lawyers read this as not allowing us to store any tweets anywhere in a cloud service. Are the terms “Exporting” or “datastore as a service” defined anywhere? Again, while I understand the goal, I also understand the literal interpretation that our lawyers are making based on this text and it would be nice if it was more clear to a non-technical audience.

Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!