Need potential audience estimation count for selected targeting criteria



I need a Potential audience estimation counts for selected targets criteria’s like (Gender, Location, Interest, Keywords, Device Type, Device OS) before attaching audience targeting criteria to campaign or lineitems so is there any api we got the estimate reach without give bid_amount_local_micro and campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro.

Can you provide any other options for it, we can get the estimate counts for selected targeting criteria values?

Team logicode


Thanks for the question, @logicode.

The only endpoint we have for reach estimate is GET accounts/:account_id/reach_estimate. As you noted, though, bid_amount_local_micro and campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro are required parameters. We don’t currently have a way to get the reach estimate without specifying these values.

If we decide to make a change, we’ll let you know.



Hello @juanshishido,

This endpoints is not return the exact values what we want. I check twitter ads ui and in this ui you display the counts its and this apis count both are differents. so please let me know if any other api is available or not.

Thank you!


@logicode: Could you please provide additional information—screenshot preferred—so we know exactly which values you’re looking for? Thanks!