Need Metrics for the Video Views Pre-roll Campaign Objective



Dear Twitter Staff,

Hope you’re doing well! We were hoping that you would give us access to some details about metrics, as the Twitter Ads API documentation for Video Pre-roll suggests that we (developers in the Alpha) should consult with our Twitter team for analytics details:

“Analytics for VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL campaigns are coming soon. Developers in the API alpha should consult with their Twitter team for details on pulling stats for these campaigns.”

If you could provide the following details, it would help us with our development on Video Pre-roll:

  1. What metrics are available for Video Pre-roll campaigns? A list would be very much helpful.
  2. What is the main goal metric for Video Pre-roll?
  3. For Video Views campaigns, the metric was VIDEO_VIEWS, for Tweet Engagements, the goal metric is ENGAGEMENTS.
  4. What object should we pull them from? For other campaigns, we pulled them for the promoted_tweet object.
  5. Are there any details about segmentation for these metrics?
    In other objects (campaign and line_item, for example) there is a globally unique id column. For media_creatives, we’ve noticed the first record we created had an id value of 1 - is this globally unique, or is it scoped to our account?

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks in advance!


Hey @msbukkuri,

The metrics for pre-roll campaigns will only be available in v1 stats endpoints (you can take a sneak peak at These endpoints aren’t complete just yet, and more detail should be available sometime next week on how analytics in version 1 will operate.



Ah, that’s unfortunate. Is there anyway we can get a list so we know ahead of time what the goal metrics are for this campaign objective?

Also, do you know where we can pull the metrics from? Would it be for the media_creatives object? For instance, we pull them from the promoted_tweet object when it comes to all other campaigns. But for this specific campaign, we don’t use promoted_tweets at all.

What object would we be querying? And what metrics would be available?


All of these details should be available at as of tomorrow. Appreciate your patience!


@jaakkosf Thanks very much. Really appreciate all your hard work on this!