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I want to delete the tweet from twitter using curl .As i am developing a website in which i am uploading video to twitter using twitvid api but when i am deleting a video using twitvid api i am able to delete the video successfully but the tweet remains on the twitter then please tell me how can i able to delete that tweet from twitter . How can i able to retrieve the post id for the tweet using curl.

please help me regarding this issue.


See [node:96] for info on the API method to delete tweets. It requires auth, so curl alone won’t necessarily be enough to complete the action on the command line.


I need help for my twitter will be connected in all my activity,posting,etc…


Taylor Singletary, Thanks for your reply.

But I have problem with the tweet id, I don’t have the tweet id for the twitvid video.
That’s why I am not able delete the post.
Can you help me that how can I retrieve tweet id from twitvid video.

Thanks in advance.


I would recommend finding the tweet ID by looking at your [node:56, title=“user timeline”] until you find the tweet where you posted the video. Our API won’t necessarily have an effect of Twitvid’s hosting of your video (they’re a separate service) but you can find the tweet ID and then destroy it.


I am not able to uplaod .vob extension files.
Is there any solution to upload .vob files.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.