Need help with Twitter widget and Firefox



I am creating a webpage for the company I work for, and I intend to include a Twitter widget and Follow button. Here is a brief description of what is going on with the page:

The company has 16 shops, and each shop has it’s on Twitter account. The webpage has a pop up box for each of these shops, with a Twitter widget and Follow button. The widget works fine in IE8 and so does the Twitter Follow button, but in Firefox they disappear and won’t load the pop up box.

The link above is the page I am working on. Currently only Aberdeen shop has the Twitter elements added to it’s pop up box. Can anyone help on the Firefox issue?




Same problem applies to Connect Button. Seems like twitter api is working on IE and Opera but not on browsers like firefox and chrome. I am trying to solve a similar issue right now but I am afraid if the API is the source to the problem then you or I won’t be able to solve it. :frowning:


I don’t know about create twitter page but i should want know more information about the twitter page . if you have information of twitter page then please share . i will wait your reply . thanks


No position to advise you.


i can use twitter via facebook

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