Need help with API sessions


Hello everyone,

I am a student who is working on a class project. We are designing a website where a use can make stock analysis. Like every stock website we wanted to have a section where the viewer can see news, and since tweeter is a great source we decided use it. I watched a tutorial on youtube everything worked fine, however, the page only show once. When I upload the files it works again, but once.

How may I change this?

I used Abrahams OAuth folder. I did not use everything file that was in that folder, just the twitteroauth.php and oauth.php. I added the destroy_session(); in my code:

<?php include('./connect.php'); $UN = 'gokt3ngri'; $cnt = 5; $tweets = $twitter->get(''.$UN.'&count='.$cnt.''); foreach ( $tweets as $tweet ) { $text = $tweet->text; echo $text; echo ''; echo ''; } session_destory(); ?>

Any help is much appreciated!

Also, is there a way to count the number of tweets? For example, I want to count how many times #CNN was tweeted in a day or given period?

Thanks so much everyone!