Need help on making my url valid


Hi, I would like to create twitter application for my website…

i filled in everything but it rejects my registration due to = not a valid url format

How do i fix this? or what am i suppose to fill in



It’s possible that the form validator is not aware of the validity of the domain name you’re using. Can you tell me the URLs you’re using for the various fields?


Hi, Taylor!

Thanks for offering to help out - my URL address is


Hello, I’ve been struggling with the twitter application to get a valid url format,
what exactly do i need to fill in here? because it rejects everything.

Please Help!


Hi - just wanna know what exactly do youn want to do. – do you wanna create this for your website?


me also face the same problem…


You just need to add http:// to your URL


I’m having the same problem. No matter what I type in (http://, no http://, leaving it blank), it won’t accept it. What can I do?


Can you run through each URL/website related field on the form and what the exact values you are presenting for each?


I had the same problem this morning. Tried it twice without adding http:// then worked on the third attempt using it.


its been 49 weeks scince first such post and same problem persists…!!
its such a shame on TWITTER’s part!!!


I cant add my website:

I’ve tried the following:

Ive also tried:

It still doesn’t work.



How can i run in local http://localhost:8080/TwitterApp


I need help making a url


I also have the same issue.
Can any one help me.


I’m also having same issue, can anyone help me.


When you copy the link, it adds an extra space (’ '). If you delete that you should be fine…