Need help - Message Us Box not working


Hi there,

I’m currently having issues adding the Message Us box onto my page.

I’m able to create the link but whenever I copy and paste it onto my page, i see this:

I’m not too sure what it means by ‘Bio can’t include invalid characters’.

Am I pasting the link onto the wrong section, or do I need to upload it in a different section entirely?

Many thanks!!


The Message button is not intended to go on your profile page - it should be pasted into a web page that you own and will then appear as a blue message icon as shown in the documentation.

If you want a support indicator and message button on your profile you should check the business help pages for more information.


Thank you Andy,

I realised what the issue was eventually, and what I meant to say is how to get a “message” button on our page like this:


To do that you need to enable the “receive direct messages from anyone” option in your account settings.


Thanks Andy, much appreciated!