Need help loading twitter trends


Hello All,

I am trying to hit the twitter trends/place.json url, but can not seem to get past my authentication woes.

I have a consumer key and consumer secret that I got from the “My Application” page of my twitter account.
Using the url, I am able to get an auth token and an auth secret.

I then try to use the url using this auth token and auth secret, but am getting the following response {“errors”:[{“message”:“Invalid or expired token”,“code”:89}]}

I have also tried to use the “create access token” button on my twitter account application page, but the access token and access token secret there do not work either, for those I get the error “Could not authenticate you”.

Is it obvious to anyone what I may be doing wrong here? I have my application set to “read only” but I think this is ok since getting the twitter trends is just a get call.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


After the oauth/request_token step, did you move on to oauth/authorize and oauth/access_token? You may be using a request token to make your requests when really you want to use an access token – it’s a multistep process to get to the access token stage.

You may find it easier to use application-only auth for this purpose: [node:13439].