Need help getting information for users


Hello, my name is Itay, an undergraduate from the Technion.
For our last year project, my group and I are building a SaaS application to manage twitter accounts for PR companies.
A few of the features we wanted to have in the application are:

  • Various statistics on the account, over-time view of the account ect. (for followers, favorites and retweets).
  • Automatic breaking of long tweets and url shortening.
  • Tweet scheduling,
  • Automatic reply for the account tweets on comments that contain special keywords.

The application should be able to support ~5000 accounts, each account should have 500k followers at most.

Problem is, that REST API alone cant get enough information to get proper statistics (even to get all the followers information to get proper analysis of the followers demography will take a week with big accounts) and for the the automatic replies we assume we need to use the Streaming API and since we are limited to a stream-per-app and a stream can only handle a few users to track we arent sure what to do.

Any suggestions on how to handle such a big system with the current rate limits? I heard that it is possible to send an email and ask for extended privileges. how is this done?