Need help fixing implemented Twitter Cards on a SquareSpace site


I implemented Twitter Cards on my SquareSpace 7 site. I am not a developer and I have a bug I can’t figure out. I am looking for someone familiar with both Twitter Cards and SquareSpace 7 to help me solve, what I think is a pretty simple problem.

I think I implemented the cards in the wrong place. I sometimes get images/titles that don’t go with an article I am sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

For example, see this screenshot example from a Facebook share.

I was sharing this page:
But the image is from this page:
And the title is from this page:

Since I am not a developer, I would prefer to have someone who is familiar with both SquareSpace and Twitter Cards help me on this. I am in a bit over my head.


From a Cards perspective I can see that for some reason you have a bunch of tags repeated in your code - specifically both twitter:card and og:title appear more than once (and the second og:title is the “wrong” one, the label you’re saying belongs to your other page). I don’t know how Cards get added in Squarespace unfortunately, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what you need to change.


Thanks for this, Andy. It helps.

From your note, I think I had understanding a fundamental misunderstanding when I implemented the cards. It seems like cards are set up at the root level. When I implemented, I thought they needed to be implemented on the page level.

If my new understanding is correct, my bad code would be the explanation for the multiple, repeating tags. I tried to implement different types of cards and used a separate block of meta text for each. I think I should have just made one set of meta tags that allowed for all of the types of cards I want to use – at the root level.

Does that sound right?

I’ll look into this further and see if I can get the SquareSpace developers to help me troubleshoot.

Thanks, Virginia


Sites like yours (I’m more familiar with Wordpress than with Squarespace, apologies) would typically have e.g. a summary or summary large image card for the root domain; and then have a summary/large image for each post, with image and description and title that are specific to the posts themselves. You can’t have more than one card type on an individual page. Good luck!


Hi there Andypiper,

I’d like some help implementing the Twitter Card for my website. I’ve done everything I could now I’m stuck with the whitelist part. Can you do that for me? My website is: Thanks in advance!


You need to provide the validator with a URL that contains Cards markup. You should not need to be manually whitelisted unless your are using a Player card, everything should be automatic. Your homepage URL does not have any Cards markup that I can find.


@andypiper This is the print of message when I try to validate the card. Can you help me on this matter?


Your page has no Cards markup.