Need help ASAP - URL approved but card isn't showing!


Hi everyone,
Our app generates various deals and generates a URL for each of them.
When validating the card it seems to be find and white-listed, but when twitting the card doesn’t show unless I click on “details”, which is obviously not what we desired… any idea on why this is happening?
here’s a sample link

and the metadata:
-#Twitter Card metas
%meta{property: ‘twitter:card’, content: ‘summary_large_image’}
%meta{property: ‘twitter:site’, content: ‘@getnextsocial’}
%meta{property: ‘twitter:title’, content: deal.twitter_title}
%meta{property: ‘twitter:description’, content: strip_tags(deal.html_description)}
%meta{property: ‘twitter:image:src’, content: image_secure_url(deal_twitter_image)}

any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:


Thanks for reaching out. Sometimes there’s a cache delay; when I tweet, I see the cute little racoon.


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