Need Help: API V.1.1


I am not a professional, but currently, I am using the Twitter API V1 on my website to get basic data from a user’s twitter account.

I am using basic json to fetch content from

And it works.

However, with the roll out of the Twitter API V1.1 (

My method of fetching data is no longer possible.

I tried (, I can’t even enter the page it shows:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Authentication data”,“code”:215}]}

From my understanding, I need to link it to a twitter app and authenticate, how do I do it?

Am I no longer able to use my usual method of using basic php to fetch a json file? Could someone find me an alternative to fetch user info?



I have the same problem, i know that i need OAuth authorization but how should i create my URL to fetch content.
Help pls!


I have the same problem, any help?