Need guidence on restricted account "Application cannot perform write actions" code: 261



Hi there,

I’m automating some tweets based on another API.
I’m planning to add the handles of 10’s of accounts in a reply to the initial tweet as all those people are relevant to the tweet. During testing the account got blocked as spam and I got it unblocked again.
Now it seems to be restricted again and I can’t tweet via the API.

{ message: ‘Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through’,
code: 261 } ]

I logged a ticket there three days ago and heard nothing so I logged another one today.

Any help appreciated.


Hi all,

Is there anywhere to track the status of a ticket submitted to



We have a distributed team and we have varying schedules. As I am sure you can appreciate, we also have a very large inbound queue. There is no case tracking system.

As general commentary on what you are describing:

This sounds extremely likely to be rejected by our automated antispam algorithms, and also to violate our automation rules. I would strongly recommend that you reconsider your application and use case.


Thanks for the info @andypiper.
I will adjust my use case accordingly.
For future reference, can specific use cases be whitelisted on a case by case basis?


If you haven’t already gotten a new developer account, I would suggest applying: and keeping up to date with announcements and changes: for any new features or options available for you.

At this point, keep checking the email address that you entered on the form, or the email address linked to your Twitter account for any update.