Need Gallery and Photo card removed... please help?



I need to have our Gallery and Photo twitter card removed. The summary card is great, but the other two were applied for by mistake. Can someone please terminate/unapprove these 2 cards? We may re-apply in the future but need them cancelled for now.



Hi OANow,

The best way to move forward is to remove any tags that are twitter:card and specify gallery or photo.

Then they won’t show up when tweeted.



Okay… is it possible then to just unapprove my account completely and then I can just re-apply for just the specific card I want? If so, that would be better. Our site is part of a template group and making changes like that can take some time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks!


I have disabled your account for every card type except for “summary.” That being said, any tweeted URL that already produced a photo or video card will continue to have that card. Our cache is 7 days, so they will be replaced with your updated summary meta tags once the cache expires. You can always manually clear the cache by submitting specific URLs to the validator.


I appreciate you doing this. We are loving the Twitter cards. Thanks again for your help in this! :slight_smile: