Need assistance to overcome auto DM based customer self service issues/limitations



We are trying to build auto DM based customer service which will reply on customers(twitter user) request to check balance, details etc.
We are planning to use stream API for our a/c(user stream) and then reply with DM on customers message.
It looks allowed by Twitter. I know Twitter discouraged to use auto DM but it is purely for self customer service purpose and not for any marketing or adv purpose.
Indian banks are using similar kind of functionality on twitter. There a/c is working flawlessly with unlimited DM message but during my trial I am facing 403 error.(may be it comes under antispamming rule and I need to switch IP) and due to this not able to verify whether I will get 1000 DM/day limitation or not. Can you please enligten on how to go ahead with such scenario. We are open for any paid service by Twitter or whitelisted a/c if such concept exist.


It sounds like you are looking to build some automation, but are concerned about hitting rate limits. My advice would be don’t let the rate limits stop you. It’s been my experience here at Twitter that hitting the rate limits is not very common, especially for the DM experience. How certain are you that you will send 1000 DMs per day?

It should be an acceptable experience to automate a reply in DMs so long as that reply is valuable and expressly consented to by the user, and not just a standard message.


Thanks for your reply.In our case, I am sure about usually hitting 1000 DMs/day for our business twitter handle. We are expecting min 10k+ followers initially(max 100-500k) for our a/c. if our single a/c will even send 1 DM to thousand customers still we hit this limit for our a/c. Is there any way to handle this? or will twitter allow more than 1000 DM if our reply is valuable and on the request of user’s previous DM?
Also twitter is managing some Requests/15 min window. During test, we tried with 4-5 test user a/c to interact with our test business a/c. still we were facing 403 error. In pick hour, we are expecting more than 200 DM/15 min window.
Please suggest.


You should take into consideration that not everyone will follow you and you will not be able to send DM.
I would suggest you to try and obtain emails from your customers and your bot will get request over Twitter, and will respond by email, or can @reply on Twitter itself if information is not personal.

You can see my examples, the way we implemented in Tweet to Action