Need API link for accessing ads campaign data in JSON format



i am using another credentials for getting the campaign data.
FYI: i have campaign data in it.
Now i want that campaign data in JSON format.
Please provide me valid api link for getting that JSON.

This api gives me home timeline tweets for the logged in twitter. Similarly i want campaign data for that i need API link so that i can get that in JSON format…

Application Id=13218210

Thanks in Advance


@KRahejaVivaPune: The Creating a Campaign documentation might help. It provides step-by-step examples in the sandbox environment.


@juanshishido i already created campaign & am having that data in grid format in i want that campaign data to be access in json format.





i am using this syntax:

API Link with my campaign:

I am getting following error Please check attachment.


Please check this attachment
It was saying “The client application making this request does not have access to this API”

I found a thread related to this issue. Twitter dev said you are going to give an access to my Application id. Please provide me ads API access for JSON.

As early as possible… i raised ticket but still haven’t got any response from your team.


Thanks for clarifying, @KRahejaVivaPune. You’ll be able to make those requests once your account is granted access to the Ads API.


Yes mate but how can i access those Ads API.? From my end i tried to find that access permission setting but couldn’t found.

Please help me


App id = 13234227
Account id = 18ce54fh3h8
Please let me know what accesses i have for this application.
If i dont have developer access Let me know.

Thanks mate in advance


FYI: i also filled this form:
Got developer access in mail but i filled this form with another mail id which is not related to my twitter account.
& I have provided Application id with that mail.
Unfortunately it got blocked by this reason i think that is why i am not able to access to Ads Campaign which i have yesterday.
Please suggest me about this issue & how can i get access again to my campaign which blocked today.


Please be patient while we review your request for access. It may take a couple of days (and be aware that many of us are taking vacations at this time of year)


@andypiper thanks for responding. Yeah please review.


I am not able to review your request. Please be patient until the team is able to get to your case. Thank you.