Need Access To Account Activity API



Hey, my name is Eudis Duran, I am a developer at Kustomer Inc.

I am attempting to use the account activity API, however, I cannot authenticate against it. Can I please have the following account/app whitelisted for use in the account activity API?

App ID 14805000
Account: @kustomerdev



Have you already applied (and been approved) for access? We are not currently able to approve more than one application during the beta period.


I’m not sure I’m following. Are you saying that we can only have one application approved per account?

Currently we have 1 approved application to the beta account activity API for the @kustomer account and we have 0 approved applications for our @kustomerdev account.

We have multiple devs that need to work with the API to register different webhooks.



Hi @eudisduran - Our goal is to have a single developer account per organization. It looks like your @kustomer handle already has access and so we are unable to provide access to your second handle at this time.

Please keep in mind, we are currently in a beta period and would encourage you to leverage the access you currently have. The ability to have additional webhooks (beyond the first) will come when we GA the product.