Need a very simple text only twitter feed


I am trying to get set up a simple text only twitter feed to show on the footer on my site. I am have more difficulty with this than I should, having tried many many tutorials, demos and such trying to get something simple done but all I end up with is a huge mess. An example of what I want to get done can be found on this site . Basically just the recent tweet, time when posted and the follow me link, all in text. Maybe even show the icon but is not a necessity for me. It doesn’t need to be completely live and can update when the page is refreshed, nothing more. I just need something really simple, any ideas?


@jon_Fasulo did you able to figure out this? I’m looking for the same.


There are a few options with the timeline widget that might work for you: data-chrome="nofooter’, data-tweet-limit=“1”. This will give you the single latest tweet from the timeline and a follow button.

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