Need a new MoPub version for Unity Engine



Currently, my games using Mopub unity package v3.8. Received an email from Google that it required the latest MoPub 4.4.0 or higher to address the security vulnerability.
The current Mopub unity package was released since July 2015.
Any plan for update Mopub unity package?


This is also an issue for our application as well.
It would be nice to have some confirmation that this is in the works, even if an actual release date isn’t given?


Hi @DirtyPolarBear and @mix_master_rick,

Thanks for reaching out!

We are actively working with Google now on this matter. We were aware of the fixes the Play Store required, and we made those fixes in the MoPub 4.4 SDK release for iOS and Android which you can download from our GitHub page. We are actively working to update our Unity plug-in and expect to release an update for it before the end of the month.

Google has not made us aware of any deadline where apps would be rejected. As such, we are connecting with Google to get on the same page and establish a go-forward plan jointly to ensure that our mutual customers are not negatively affected.



According to this article

Beginning July 11, 2016, Google Play will block publishing of any new apps or updates that use older versions of MoPub.


Any word on this unity update? I have same warning and was also told through support that update was coming end of month.


Hi @jackie

The end of the month has come and gone, I’ve checked the download page and it’s still pointing to the old SDK, do we have an ETA on the update?



Hi @mix_master_rick, @MrGriese & @DirtyPolarBear,

Thanks for being patient with us while we worked to get the plugin updated! The updated Unity plugins which support version 4.5.1 of the MoPub SDK are now available for download from