Necessary headers to send a retweet




I’m building a mobile and one of the sections is to send retweets automatically every X period of time and in order to perform a retweet I saw that I have to get the Oauth tokens using the sign-in method because the user context is needed (I already did that) but since I’m going to build that section to send the retweet automatically, I need to know what are the headers or the headers structure in order to accomplish the task.

Could you help me please?




Assuming that you have read the automation policy carefully…

You will still need the user token to perform a retweet, as a user context is required as you’ve already found.

In terms of the headers, most libraries for communicating with the Twitter API will handle this for you. If you’re building a mobile app, you could use Twitter Kit for iOS or Android to call the API and this will deal with the headers and OAuth encoding.