Native video format



any plans for native video forma in Mopubt?


Hello Alex,

MoPub has plans for native video, but there is no ETA regarding this feature.

It is something the team is thinking about.


Hi Ekin,

thanks for quick reply.
I have another question, based on discussion about potential cooperation with big publisher in RU using MoPub as adserver.
i’m wondering, if it would be possible to run cached hd video ads via 3rd party adserver in some way?

normally we do that with our direct integration - publisher generates request, our adserver replies with VAST xml and then SDK begins to download file in background and - either it is fully loaded on the next SDK request or SDK calls app, when caching is finalized and then runs ad.

i was wondering if something like that is possible with MoPub?


Hey Alex,

Can you start a new thread for this, so we can keep each thread on one topic? This makes things more easily searchable and prevents confusion.



Hi Twitter support,
please let know when Native video functionality will be released in adserver and SDKs? Are there any materials to read yet? Are all ads preloaded? How about HD ads?


hello @alex_ru, we did launch our native video product!
You can read more about it here and reach out to our support team if you have additional questions on the SDK versions and the supported mediated networks.