Native retweets aren't listed in search API


Hi, formerly the search API showed all tweets, retweets and native retweets included, but since two days ago it doesn’t show the native tweets as normal tweets.

Are this working as intended now or it’s an error? There is any new way to get all tweets and retweets, natives included?

Thank you!


Same here… Search API only returns tweets. Is this an error, if not, is there any new way to get all tweets and retweets, natives included?


Same here… REST API search. Is there any changes did during this world cup?, like the last world cup?


Same here, since 27 Jun!!

What’s the problem???


Thank you all for reporting this.

We are currently investigating the issue and will keep you updated on this thread.


Hello everyone,

The engineering team has tracked down the issue and implemented a fix. It will be deployed tomorrow (Wednesday), so you can expect to see retweeted_status again in the Search API results.

I will update this thread when the fix is in production.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



Thank you @romainhuet!


Thank for the fix!


Thank you, glad to hear it works well for you again.

The team in San Francisco has deployed the fix yesterday late afternoon PST time.

Let us know if you are still experiencing any issues, but everything should be back to normal on the Search API results.