Native Ads — open links in Custom Tabs or default system browser instead of MoPubBrowser activity



I’m new to MoPub and have just completed my first Native Ads integration (manual) in my app. So far everything’s fine except one ugly thing: for opening ad links MoPub pushes me to use com.mopub.common.MoPubBrowser activity, which is WebView-based and looks quite dated by today’s standards. One of the core selling points of my upcoming app is its visual design (actual proper Material with a lot of effort put into it), and the Gingerbread-ish MoPubBrowser screen stands out quite prominently.

Removing the activity from the manifest doesn’t break opening links, but MoPub shows me a warning toast that I should include it back.

Is it possible / what is the best way to replace MoPubBrowser activity with something more contemporary, e.g. a Chrome Custom Tabs based one, or simply by opening the link in system default web viewer?




We are assessing the various criteria and requirements to fully support native browser clickthrough (i.e. having the click-through link open the default web browser on the device and not using MoPubBrowser). Currently, that is already doable with selected creatives when a DSP configures their creatives to use the mopubnativebrowser:// protocol in the clickthrough URLs.

Once that’s done, it’ll be rolled out server-side. There won’t be anything that publishers need to do.