Native Ads Best Practices

  1. Mark Your Native Ad as Sponsored or Promoted
    • The ad must be clearly marked in your application as “promoted” or “sponsored” content.
    • This is required for the MoPub Native Ads offering.

  2. Leverage the Five Elements for Native Ads
    • In order to maximize revenue from native ads from MoPub Marketplace, include as many of the five
    elements (icon image, main image, title, text, and CTA text) as possible.
    • Designs that use all of the elements tend to perform better and garner higher CPMs on the MoPub

  3. Don’t Distort or Modify the Assets
    • For example, if you choose to display the “text” portion, display all the text provided by the
    • You can change the size of the image to fit inside your application, but avoid scaling the image to
    such a size that the user cannot reasonably see what was on the image.
    • Do not change the aspect ratio of any of the images.

  4. Avoid Excess Ad Requests
    • Your application should make an effort to request ads only when they are likely to be displayed.
    • When a user navigates to a table view with many content cells, avoid requesting ads that will be
    displayed near the bottom of the table view.
    • Instead, wait for the user to begin scrolling through the feed before making additional ad requests.