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I am trying to create a native unit to serve my own campaign, if i active the market place everything work great but i i try to set my own campaign the system give me error “Ad server returned no inventory” but the campaign is live and active… i have no idea about the problem. anyone can help me please?


Ok my fault, i upload a image to big… mx width of image will be 1200


two questions more:

• how i can force refresh of native banner?
• There is a way to open native banner link in the native browser?


Hi @AltIndustries,

Thanks for reaching out!

We do not support refreshing for the native ad format. Refresh is supported for the banner (320x50) and MRECT (300x250) ad sizes only.

There is a way to open the creative’s click URL in the device’s native browser. Please be aware that this is controlled on the creative level, not the app, ad unit or demand source level. You can find our documentation for opening creative click URLs in the device’s native browser here.


I have been wondering about refreshing native ads as well. The problem is that once an ad is loaded into a tableview it remains there for the life of the session - even when the tableview is refreshed, or the app is sent to background and then brought back to active. This makes monetizing from native ads almost impossible.

Two possible solutions: new native ads are loaded by a timer the same way that a banner ad is refreshed, or they are refreshed each time that the tableview refreshes.

As it is now, in my development version about three ads are loaded when the tableview loads, and despite the tableview refreshing every 500 m, or 5 minutes whichever come first, the ads are the same. Thus over many hours or even days of use the user only sees three ads.


Hello @LancasterDecisions,

An ad refresh is internally the SDK automatically making a new ad request at an interval on your behalf. We do not support refreshing for native ads, but if you wish, you can force a call to loadAdsForAdUnitID: at your desired time. You can have your UITableView fire a delegate once the data refreshes, and you can make a new ad request then. This way, you will get a new set of ads at your desired interval.

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