Native ad onNativeFail EMPTY_AD_RESPONSE error message




In test mode i am able to display native ads. After that i changed to our own production key. But production ad is not displaying i got error like ‘EMPTY_AD_RESPONSE’ so how to solve it. This is my code implementation.

MoPubNative.MoPubNativeNetworkListener moPubNativeListener = new MoPubNative.MoPubNativeNetworkListener() { 
public void onNativeLoad(com.mopub.nativeads.NativeAd nativeAd) { 


public void onNativeFail(NativeErrorCode errorCode) { 
Log.d("MopubNativead", "native error : " + errorCode.toString()); 


MoPubNative moPubNative = new MoPubNative(activity, "key", moPubNativeListener); 
moPubNative.registerAdRenderer(new MoPubStaticNativeAdRenderer(null)); 
RequestParameters requestParameters = new RequestParameters.Builder().build();