is whitelisted for summary card. But I can registering cards


Hey, everyone.
I have some trouble with twitter card registration.
I do all steps what need but I can’t see registration my cards. Please help me.


Your card is working fine - I just Tweeted the link and the summary card showed up in the Tweet details view.


Hi, I’m trying to add a large summary card to our site on this page:
and I get this in the twitter summary card validator:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 4 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

can all of be whitelisted?
thanks for your support


I don’t see any card markup at that URL.

If you add valid markup and validate your page, your domain will be whitelisted.


I have the very same thing and have no clue how to fix it? It’s pretty frustrating when you know nothing about this stuff… I’ve seen no answers what so ever… CAN ANYONE HELP???


There are a set of troubleshooting steps in our pinned post. We won’t be able to help without a link to the page(s) that you’re having issues with.

#7 and is another. They both show to be ok when I used the card validator, but neither pic prints on twitter when I post them


Replied on your other thread. Closing this one.

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