MyApp TERMS to appropriate? what can i change?

#1 is my twitter retweet application this application retweet maker …if you access this app earning 20 credit and can retweet any tweet and you retweet automaticaly anothers tweets and earning (auto) +1 point and you can use by retweet this points .
i wanna create app %100 comply twitter terms how can i change whats are illegal please help me i dont want suspensed .


please help me twitter admins ?


We can’t do deep policy analysis here (contact the API policy team through for that).

Make sure you’ve read and understand the following documents and evaluate whether your product abides by them:

  • [node:142]
  • [support:76915, title=“Automation guidelines”]
  • [support:18311, title=“Twitter rules”]
  • [node:110]

It’s not immediately clear from your description or the site what your service actually does. What’s the purpose of the application?

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