My widget is not working on my site



I created a new account very recently for my company, and created a new widget so that I can implement the timeline on my website. When I use the ID of my newly created widget on my site it won’t display any tweets … it just stays empty. But when I use an ID from an other account it works perfectly.
I tried everything and I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem. The problem seems to come from my account itself for some reason … but can’t find out why.

I use twitterfetcher.js as API:
Here is a link to my website where I want my widget to display my timeline:
The ID of my widget is: 480448837954187264

The strangest thing is that other id’s perfectly works in my code, no problem at all … only the id’s created on my new account (webographics_) won’t work … won’t display anything on my site … no matter what I try …

Does anyone have an idea? I’m losing my mind here …

Thanks a lot for your help!