My website Not Whitelisted



Hey I just tried to register my site.
But I keep getting this
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 5 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted


There are not twitter meta tags there.



I am getting the following error:

My twitter card meta tags look like this:



What is the URL? Have you checked the FAQ post? Not Whitelisted, unable to render, or no image: READ THIS FIRST



The URL’s are: (testing site)

I checked previous FAQ posts and some said that you need to manually whitelist the URL and some said it should be automatic from now, but I am still getting the same error through the validator.



Looked at your main (non testing) site and there is no Cards markup in the page.


I haven’t added the markup to the main site yet, only on the testing. It’s now saying it HAS been whitelisted. Everything in the validator is saying it’s successful, but when I post it to twitter I only get the title and a link, as oppose to the title, link, description and image.

This is what the validator is showing me:


twitter:url and og:image must be fully-qualified links including http(s) protocol and full domain.

After that, if the image is not showing, check the other troubleshooting information in the above linked post.


That’s worked, perfect! As I am using Perch CMS to get blog posts by their ID, it wasn’t generating absolute URLs. But now it is working, thanks!

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