My Website is Being Flagged as Malware or Spam!


Hi all.

Need help. My sites,,,, and is blocked in twitter, but my sites is good!

I wrote a letter to, but it did not help! I sent a ticket, but it did not help.

Realy need help! Site users are complaining.

I checked my sites in google - it’s ok:

Please, htlp. And sorry for my eng, i am from Russia.


Make sure to provide as much detail as you can about the domains while emailing regarding this.


I already wrote an email on - no results.


When you filed a ticket did you get instructions on any additional information to provide when emailing


No. Moreover, from I have not received response. I wrote a few times.


Please, need help! Why Twitter support don’t help me?


hi administrations, a have this problem too.
my website was banned, i write to, but its not fix my problem.



I also have problem with my website link on Twitter.
Filed ticket a month ago and received 0 replies from Twitter support.
Sent email to and received also 0 replies.
(I checked spam/junk folders)

Filed new tickets #12219744 #12219461 again and hope to get any feedback.
Flagging good website as malware or spam not only damages reputation of that website, but also shows how bad twitter logic to flag such.

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