My Web Event Tags are failing to be created with INTERNAL_ERROR



This has been happening for several hours, every few minutes my cron-job retries; it’s still failing.


2016-09-20 20:40:10 UTC POST {"account_id":"18ce5463v2o","name":"REDACTED Sitevisit Pixel 20160920","click_window":30,"view_through_window":1,"type":"SITE_VISIT","retargeting_enabled":true}


{"errors":[{"code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","message":"Internal Error"}],"request":{"params":{}}}

There appears to be no explanation for this. The same code worked perfectly on a different ad account.


Hey @azPHPguru - I’m closing this thread out since it’s a duplicate of an existing thread. Can you please add any additional comments to the previous thread you’ve created.



Duplicate thread here: WebEventTags are linked on create but not delete