My web doesnt work with the


Im linking my website on my profile Twitter but it doesnt work when I click on it (it goes to )
I would like to know if there is any way to fix it.

Thank you, greetings.


I receive SSL errors from my web browser when I try to access your URL:

Please test your URL in multiple browsers to see possible issues with your HTTPS setup.


The problem is that my web its HTTP and Twitter converts the link to https, i think.
I dont want to convert my site to HTTPS, how can i solve this?


I’ve just tested Tweeting a link to and it seems to get shortened to a https URL and and re-expanded to an http-only URL correctly.

It looks like you currently have the URL associated with your profile set to -> shortens to which loads correctly.


I changed it because I dont want to have a broken link in my profile.
If i put in the web place it doesnt work… As I said it re-expand to an https URL.


This is not a Cards issue and it is not related to the Twitter developer platform or API, so I’m not sure we can help you here.

As I mentioned, I successfully Tweeted a link to your site and the shortening happened successfully (see You could try putting that generated link into your profile URL.

If you continue to encounter issues with or the mobile apps, I recommend you use the support forms to raise a ticket. Thanks.