My vcard profile was reviewed and rejected, can someone please look again?


Hi there,

Our application for Vcard was recjeted but I had some follow-up on it but it said I needed to open a new case. Also your recent implementation of “gifs” would function exactly how gfycats would ideally function in twitter.

Any help is appreciated! Here is the reply I received:

Below are the points we need some clarifications on:

  1. There are no play pause control on desktop. (You need to be able to click on it to start and stop it or have a seperate control to play the gif)
  2. On Android after you press play you are taken to what looks like a static photo with no play/pause control. This is confusing for the user as they must >>click on what looks like a photo to actually start the video.
    We suggest either eliminating this step or at least putting a play button on the second screen.
    Once these issues have been resolved, please resubmit your Player Card to our validator (
    Once submited, one of our team members will review it for compliance.

There are play and pause controls on the desktop. You just need to do a hover over for the controls.

The android issue I’m a bit confused on. There is a static photo? Or do you mean where you choose between gif and html5?
Once you make your choice, it autoplays.

Any more information on that piece would be appreciated and hopefully I can clear it up.



Hi Gfycat. To the first point, controls always need to be visible; a hover should not be required to see them. If you provide an example URL, I can also look into the second point about an issue on Android.


Hi there,

Thanks for replying, appreciate it.

Regarding controls: Recently twitter has done something similar with gifs that we do. If I’m not mistaken there are no controls displayed on those? Would we be able to have it function the same way and get it approved? Start with it paused and have a play button on it that would start the gif/video?

Here is a link that you can use for android.



I discussed your card with the Platform Operations team to figure out the best solution for approval. The auto-play on expansion of the card is OK since the media is under 10 seconds. The issue on desktop is that the expected result for clicking on media is a pause rather than linking away from the experience. Play controls do not need to be visible (similar to Vine), but clicking behavior on the media itself should be play/pause.

If you have further questions, feel free to add them here or submit a ticket directly to Platform Operations at the following URL using the option, “I have an API policy question not covered by these points.”


Thanks Jon!

We made some changes and I’ve resubmitted. Do we just go back to the bottom of the queue then?


I’ve alerted the Platform Operations team to be on the lookout for your resubmission.