My User timeline Twitter widget is causing a "null" page request


For some reason, my Twitter Widget at is causing a request on my web server which of course causes it to generate a 404 error at my website. This never happened until today.

Mark H.

Regression bug of requests with wrong url sent from widgets.js

For now I’ve made htaccess rule to make it a 410 error so my Apache logs don’t fill up with page not found messages. And, yes, if I remove the widget code, no request is made.


I’ve discovered it’s related to images. If I select the option to auto-expand photos then I get the null request. If I uncheck it, then I do not. But, as soon as I click on the expand photo link in the timeline, it sends a null request.


Same here. Started about 6 hours ago.


Same for me. Any solution ?


I added the following to my .htaccess file for a quick fix:

 RedirectMatch gone /*null

This will apply to any page requent ending in “null” so be careful. I have the twitter widget show on all pages so needed to apply this across the site.


Thank you for the reports. We are investigating this.


Thanks. It appears that the issue has been corrected. I am not seeing the null requests on either of my sites with my various widgets set to auto-expand pictures.


Piggybacking off of @mrheadrick’s comment, a deploy has gone out that should resolve this issue. Thanks for the reports!