My twitterd card is not being validated


Hello everyone!

I am setting up a new site at For the moment it’s full of test blogpost but I already want to validate my twitter cards. But when I tried to validate this popst for instance

In the twitter card validator this shows up

Card preview

Tips for abetterlife

The card for your website will look a little something like this!

Unable to render Card preview


INFO:  Page fetched successfully

INFO: 31 metatags were found
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

I also attached an image of it.

Can somebody help me and tell me why it’s not being validated and what I could do about it?

Thanks so much,

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I’ve just looked at that page in my browser and using curl, and I do not see any twitter:card markup meta tags. That’s why the validator doesn’t render anything.


Hey Andy

Thanks for your reply man.

Could you tell me what I should do then? Where do I put in the twitter:card markup meta tags?

I uploaded a pic here how the SEO Yoast plugin works in my wordpress.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day,




I’m not an expert on the Yoast plugin, but this article says you should look under the Social tab.


Thanks so much Andy !

It works now for the post. Do I have to do this for every post I have and I will publish or does it now do it autotically since my twitter card(s) are validated?

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It should automatically work for each post, I think, but again I’m not an expert on the plugin itself.