My Twitter Widget - Need Feedback


Hi all,

I have been working on a Twitter widget for my own website and have got to a stage where I would like some feedback, please.

The widget pulls the latest 10 Tweets from my home_timeline, including the people I am following & ReTweets.

All URLs, Hashtags & Mentions have been linkyfied.

I have tried the widget in FF5, IE8 & Safari 5, all looks OK apart from the usual IE issue with border-radius but I can live with that.

I do still have a few things to do on it before it goes truly live, namely adding the Tweet date and a Follow Me button.

Anyway here is the link:-


Okie dokie, I have added the ‘source’ to my widget now and also a ‘timeago’ function.

Done a little more styling, looks aren’t too far from what I am after now.

I have tried it in FF6, IE8 Safari 5, Chrome 13 & Safari via my iOS and all looks pretty good.

I would really like some feedback from other developers, positive or negative.



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