My twitter was hacked and the email was changed


So, I stupidly gave someone I didn’t really know permission to be a co-owner on my other account as I have been busy with school and I was too nice to say no. I then woke up this morning to find that she hi-jacked my account. She changed my @ name from plaidhemmings to nogalistichemmo, changed the password, and somehow managed to change emails even though I got online and reported it as a hack. That account meant so much to me… it has years of memories and a lot of people I talk to on it. I really want my account back, but support is not getting back to me other than to try to have me log in with my email… which as I said has of course been changed. Please someone help me! I don’t know what to do. I’m completely devastated right now and I just really want my account back. I know it’s my fault for being stupid and overly trusting, but please?


Never mind. They just got back to me and I’ve got my account back. I’m so relieved! Excellent twitter service. :slight_smile: