My twitter is not working right


hi there, my twitter wont work. i dont know how to fix it. It wont let me tweet anything, and it when i try to the writing shows up in a grey colour then black.
it wont let me go to my settings or anything, it wont let me follow anyone back but it lets me show my followers, who im following and my news feed, please help so i can tweet again!!


We have a similiar problem. We can log onto our account but cannot tweet. When we try to tweet the background is all grey. When we type, the character count also does not move. No can post either. Otherwise the rest of our account works. HELP!


I have the same problem. Why no responses to original post?


Hi my twitter isnt loading properly all im seeing is words and i cant tweet neither


Twitter will not load at all. All I am getting is a blank page before this happening it would load only partial way to where the top of the page would load but none of the tweets all I would see is a spinning wheel.


Please see the user support site or contact @support.


I have the same issue. Thank you Andre Pinter


My twitter havent been working for a very long while now
it isnt loading properly
i cannot tweet anything
and the writings are showing up in black and grey with no pictures showing
i want to no whats the matter


theres a huge problem with my twitter @endform google chrome says "The server's security certificate is not yet valid"& when it opens my twitter looks so strange! i cant see my mentions or my followers!!! i am dying :( cmon help me!


same thing help ?


i can’t even follow you


i have the same problem. Please help me!


my twitter won’t let me do anything. The only thing that i can see is my background and it has a bunch of little black writing on the lefthand side.


Same here and it started after my friend threw my computer off the couch… Does that have anything to do with it?


I cannot post new tweets pls need help


Same here…it is loading properly.


Twitter hasn’t been working at all for me in the past 12+ hours.
The layout is all messed up, i can see some text but no pictures at all. Cannot post tweets or do anything else…


my twitter ac is embed ed for the 4 hrs i can not open my twitter do some thing


@washmybrains I have the same problem - absolutely no idea how to fix it.


It seems like my twitter is only displaying the html. Everything lines up on the left side of the page in either blue or grey writing, and goes down like a list. No pictures, no backgrounds, nothing is clickable, any ideas on how to fix this? Just so you know: I’ve been using the same browser, computer, and connection since I had twitter. so nothing has changed there.